11 Self Care Habits of Highly Successful Women

I've always wondered what the self-care habits of highly successful women were.  With some digging and a little bit of research, I finally figured it out.  Many successful women have these things in common and I am so excited to share them with you because it's crucial to your success and your balanced life.  So let's get into these 11 Self Care Habits shall we!!

Habit 1: She puts herself on her To Do list!  Successful women make time for themselves.  It doesn't matter how busy the day gets, successful women make a habit of prioritizing some time in their calendar for their wants and needs. 

Habit 2: She writes her goals and action plan down every day!  Success doesn't happen by chance, it happens when you set goals and accomplish them. Every day successful women are writing down their goals for the day and how they will get accomplished.  When this is done first thing in the morning it allows her to get the job done first, leaving the rest of the day for her wants and needs.  

Habit 3: She creates her own lane!  Successful women are not waiting around for someone to do something for them. Successful women are not waiting for someone to open a door of opportunity for them.  They create their own lane, opportunities, and make things happen for themselves and they are unapologetic about it. 

Habit 4: She's got the K.E.Y.! Successful women know that they have to stay on top of their game. The KEY is to Keep Educating Yourself and that's what successful women do. They have made it a habit to keep educating themselves personally and professionally making them valuable and unstoppable. 

Habit 5: She is in control of her emotions!  Successful women understand that they have to control their emotions. They know when things happen that are not in their favor they can't get to a place where their emotions are controlling them. It can be difficult to not burst into an emotional rant when things are not going her way, but she knows to keep her cool and process her emotions another time. 

Habit 6: She slays the weight!  This can be physical body weight or the weight of feeling guilty or bad about something that can't be change.  In regard to physical body weight the successful women makes a habit of controlling her weight. Whether she is a size 2 or a size 12 she wears it well and knows just what to do to keep it that way. In regard to the weight of feeling guilty, successful women know not to hold on to things they cannot change. They acknowledge the action that took place, they are aware of the circumstances and have an understanding of the matter, if they can make things better they will.  If they can't they move on.  Successful women don't hold on, they let go and let things work themselves out. 

Habit 7: She minds her money!  Successful women are financially savvy women. They are in full control of their finances. Successful women make it a habit to check their bank accounts daily.  They know what is coming in and going out. They make arrangements to put more in and have savings accounts for any unexpected expense.  

Habit 8: She has interest outside of work!  Successful women are all about their businesses and careers but they are also about their lifestyle outside of work.  Successful women make it a habit to have other interest as well as a social life. All work and no play is not ok for the successful woman so she makes it habit to enjoy life!

Habit 9: She keeps track of her wins! Successful women keep track of their wins. This is not to brag at all but to help them keep track of the progress they are making personally and professionally.  When a goal is accomplished celebrating is necessary. It boast the spirits of successful women creating habits that will allow them to continue to win at life no matter what.  

Habit 10: She's confident and coachable! Successful women are confident enough to handle the business personally and professionally and smart enough to know when they need help. Successful women will invest in coaches that will help take them to the next level in their lives and be excited about it. They make it a habit to learn, implement, master it, and move up a level at all times.  

Habit 11: She offer a hand up not a hand out! Successful women know what it takes to be successful.  The journey is not always a bed of roses so when they see their sister in need of help they offer that help to her. They make it a habit of offering a helping hand because they know what it took for them to get where they are! 

Now that you know what the 11 self care habits of highly successful women are, which habit do you already have?  Which one are you looking to implement?  Share your habits of self care success in the comments below.  Let's offer that hand up to our sisters that need it.  

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