About She Evolve

She Evolve is a self care & financial literacy boutique empowering and educating ambitious goal-driven women on the power of evolving personally and financially. 

At She Evolve the focus and mission is to provide women such as yourself with the tools and resources needed to sharpen your mind, be intentional with your time, and increase your income without neglecting your most powerful asset…You!

Self Care, personal development, self management tips, and strategies to increase wealth will assist you in increasing your self-worth while establishing financial independence. 

Founder of She Evolve Shakeema Hughes understands that in this day and age increasing your income is not optional, professional growth cannot take place without personal growth, and self-care is not selfish! As women, it is crucial to adopt the mindset and health habits needed to take back your life and have the work/life balance society told you is impossible to have. 

Allow Shakeema to be your live case study sharing and helping you figure out what works and what doesn’t work, systems you can put in place to automate your business and the resources you need to take massive action allowing you to achieve your personal and financial goals. This will save you time and help you focus on the best strategies to evolve beautifully mentally, physically, and financially. Allow Shakeema’s journey to evolve in every area of her life empower you to evolve and thrive in your life.