10 Tips To Help You Overcome Life’s Obstacles and Accomplish Your Goals

The first quarter of 2021 was filled with uncertainty, surprises, and just things that I really did not expect to happen.  You know how when the beginning of the year comes and you create your goals and you’re all excited about it, then BOOM your first obstacle hits.  After that, it was just one after another after another.  My patience started to decrease. My focus changed from my goals to my problems.  And my daily rituals were no longer in existence.  


It took me to the beginning of March to realize that I let about 6-8 weeks go by and I wasn’t intentional. I let all of this time go by and it set me back when it came to accomplishing my goals.  All the time that I had allowed to pass, I could have been so much further along. I felt like a failure.  I felt like a fake.  I felt defeated. 

I knew it was time to have a meeting with God because I didn’t like where my life was heading. Through prayer, meditation, having my vision for my life in front of me constantly, my daily rituals, and the fight that I had inside of me to win made me get up, get back focused and create the life I desired. 

By the end of the 1st quarter I was back on track with my daily rituals, I increased my self-confidence, starting believing bigger again, and accomplished 4 out of the 10 goals I set for myself.  I’m going to share with you 10 tips that help me overcome my obstacles and accomplish several of my 1st quarter goals. 

  1. Failure is not fatal.  Your dreams and goals that you wanted to accomplish are not dead just because you failed at doing something or the lack thereof. You can start over, make progress, and move towards making things right.  I’ve learned that if you are going to fail, fail fast so you can see what doesn’t work. Failure is not the opposite of success it’s a part of success. 
  2. It’s ok to be in your feelings but don’t stay there. We are human, we have feelings, and you are going to feel them right?  It’s ok to be emotional when things happen.  I learned to feel it. See where it stems from. Understand why do I feel the way that I feel? What triggered this feeling and how can I turn this negative feeling into one that motivates me to keep moving forward with my goals.  Once it was addressed I felt better. And when I felt this feeling again I knew how to handle it without the negative emotions 
  3. Talk it out or write it out. I talked my obstacles out with God in prayer. Then I meditated so that I can hear what God was speaking to me.  I let God lead me and guide me to the right people and resources to help me overcome the situation. 
  4. Use life circumstances don’t let life circumstances use you.  Everything that I have experienced I’m sure someone else has experienced also.  For example, my landlord saying I needed to move by the end of the month and notifying me on the 8th of that month.  Disrespectful??? Yes, I know! My first thought was that I’m not going anywhere until I get ready.  How dare he ask me to do such a thing in 3 weeks. He got me messed up!  But one morning I woke up and it was so heavy on my heart that it was time for me to go.  That this move was everything I need and more.  And now that I’m in my new space I am so happy I listened instead of being petty.  This life circumstance could have used me to be super petty towards him but I didn’t let it, and I am so thankful for that! 
  5. If it’s meant to be it’s up to me.  If I want something to happen in my life I have to put forth the effort.  If I want to live the life I see for myself then I have to put in the work to make it happen.  If I do nothing, nothing happens. So ultimately it’s up to me to create the life that I want no matter what I’m going through. 
  6. Every day you have to remember who you are and whose you are. I had to remind myself that I am a child of the most high God! I am a King’s kid! No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Everything that I want wants me in return.  My dreams and goals are coming into reality, how they will get done is not my business it’s God’s business.  Even writing this is getting me hyped, fired up, and excited!!!  Remind yourself of who you are and whose you are.  Get excited and make it happen! 
  7. Disregard is disrespect. When you disregard you pay no attention to or you ignore. So when you disregard how you feel, when you disregard your plans, when you disregard your vision for your life, when you disregard God, you are being disrespectful. I had to stop immediately! I had to stop disrespecting myself and God, forgive myself, go in grace, and grow knowing that God is going to be proud of my obedience.  
  8. Let people help you.  I have always felt like I can’t depend on people.  But God brought a few people into my life that I can depend on if I really needed them.  I don’t really like asking for help, but I learned over the past couple of weeks that I have to ask. And even more especially with business, I have to delegate.  I am only one person and I cannot do everything.  It’s ok to let people help you.  
  9. All it takes is a decision. A decision is a conclusion or a resolution reached after consideration.  I realized that all I needed to do was make a decision to not let my obstacles and the things that I was facing stop me from accomplishing my goals.  I considered my options and the things that I was up against but nothing weighed more than my belief in myself, my faith in God, and my will to win. My goals will be accomplished and I will live the life I desire to live no matter what!! 
  10. Never forget your planner.  Because of my planner, I didn’t have to go back and rewrite my plan for my life or the things that I needed to do on a daily basis to help me put self care first and accomplish my goals.  I was able to start right where I left off without overwhelm and frustration of having to start all over again.  

Everyone faces obstacles, I’ve learned it’s how you handle the obstacles that matter. Not ignoring how they make me feel, knowing that’s it’s not the end all be all, and making a decision that my goals and dreams are worth fighting for, those obstacles slowly but surely didn’t seem like obstacles anymore.  I want to encourage you to adapt these tips as your own. Use them to help you grow through the obstacles you may be facing. 

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