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Because you are ambitious about your credit restoration I have something special for you!!

If you are serious like I know you are about your finances and restoring your credit, and getting that car or house you have dreamed of, or just simply never being denied credit again, this is for you!

I put together a do it yourself program and I have a done for you program I know will help you get the excellent credit you deserve, and take your finances to another level!

Grab the (Do it yourself) stay ready finance bundle or the (done for you) protection plan membership!


Protection Plan Membership

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Credit Restoration & Protection Plan membership Includes:

o   Credit Restoration—we will dispute any negative, incomplete or inaccurate items on your credit report and take care of all your credit restoration needs

o   Securing the Bag ebook- A Step by Step Guide to Help You Save and Secure $1000 in 30 Days

o   I Stay Ready Credit Education videos to help you keep your credit in excellent condition after it’s restored via email

o   Will, Trust, and Power of Attorney

o   Debt Zero program—A more effective way to help you pay off debt using your current income allowing you to save on interest

o   Credit Attorney—Get the help you need to fight abusive debt collectors

o   Smart Credit—Credit monitoring system with access to your credit scores, auto scores, insurance scores, and even a hiring risk index for job seekers

o   Life Lock—to protect your credit, finances, and identity

o   Financial Lockbox—a safe place to store your personal financial information and give a person(s) access to these records in the event of an emergency

o   Positive Credit Builder—Education and resource center for your credit needs

o   Travel portal—get discounts on flights, hotels, car rental, and vacation packages

o   RX Discount card—get discounts ranging from 10%-85% on most medications

o   Shopping Portal—Browse and shop the stores in the portal and get higher cash back rates than competitors and get paid via PayPal or check


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It’s usually a $99 one time activation fee but for today’s special offer I am giving you $50 off!!  That's right! So for only a $49 activation fee, and $89 a month you will receive all of these great benefits. You will be redirected to the official site to process payment.

Want to  buy a home, start your own business, get your dream car, or even a decent job? Watch this video to see how credit affects all of these areas and why you need good credit today!! 

After watching this video it truly changed my perspective on credit, finances, and overall wealth for me and my family. I challenge you to watch this video. And after that take advantage of this amazing, life changing opportunity to have the excellent credit and financial freedom that you deserve!

Click Here For The Best Option