Stay Ready Finance Bundle

Stay Ready Finance Bundle

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With The Stay Ready Finance Bundle You Will Receive:

Securing The Bag ebook. This book will show you how to:

  • Change your mindset about money
  • How to make real money moves at any given time
  • Save $1000 or more
  • Go to the right banks and set up accounts with no hidden fees
  • Secure the bag so you don't have to stress about money
  • Check your credit reports and scores
  • Plan and save for a much-needed get-a-way
  • Have a social life (practicing social distance of course) and not spend all of the money you saved
  • Secure your legacy
  • and so much more!

and The Stay Ready Credi Essentials ebook which consists of:

  • the credit bureaus and their purpose,
  • know your rights and the things you are entitled to from the credit bureaus
  • where to get credit reports and scores for free and for a small fee
  • what affects your credit and how to stay a step ahead of the bureaus
  • what to do if you get denied credit
  • the credit restoration process
  • Round 1-4 dispute letters for Equifax, Transunion, and Experian in a word document so you can easily update, print out, and mail off letters
  • Validation letters
  • Verification letters
  • pay for Delete letter, and much more!