About Shakeema

Shakeema Hughes M.ED is a Certified Mindset Coach, CEO, author, and founder of She Evolve. Her passion is to empower and teach woman the importance of wealth and the ability to obtain it without neglecting their well being in the process.

At twenty-one years old Shakeema was struggling with low self-esteem, lack of confidence, depression, and the fact that she was the single mother of a one year old child. While her back was up against the wall, Shakeema knew that she could not fold. She had dreams, a bright future, and was willing to evolve into the person she knew she could become by any means necessary. The next sixteen years was the most difficult, yet rewarding years of her life but her willpower, dedication, resources and faith allowed her to accomplish many personal goal as well as help her coaching clients accomplish their goals.  

Shakeema is the founder and CEO of She Evolve: Self Care and Financial Literacy Boutique empowering and educating ambitious goal-driven women on the power of evolving personally and financially.  Shakeema is the author of Secrets To Online Boutique Success: A Comprehensive Planning Guide To Start and Grow a Profitable Online Boutique Business, Pray Plan Pursue: The Ultimate Lifestyle Planner and Journal For Intentional Living and Securing The Bag! A Step By Step Guide To Save & Secure $1000 In 30 Days.

Shakeema received her Master Degree in Education with a concentration in Adult Education and Training, and a Bachelor in Business with a concentration in Finance from University of Phoenix.  Shakeema holds a producer license with the authority in Life Insurance, and a certified Tax Preparer. 

Mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially, Shakeema had to make tough decisions that would allow her to evolve in each area and become the confident mother, business woman, and leader that she is today. Her desire and mission is to share her life lessons and insight with women to help them become their best self, increasing their self-worth and their net worth.

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